Are you a business that would like to gain a new monthly income?

Do you keep getting asked if you build websites?

The White Labelled Website Service

Add A Website Building & Hosting Service To Your Business

By becoming a partner with 97websites you can provide your customers with a website building and hosting service and be completely supported. We will create, maintain and support you and your customers websites so you don't have to.

We become part of your team.

Here are some of the great benefits you will get by working with 97websites.

Key Benefits 

Add Revenue

The 97websites system will allow you to easily add revenue to your business. Many of our partners have added over £10,000 a year to their revenue including a growing monthly residual income.

Retain Customers

Being able to upsell or cross sell websites to your customer base will mean your customers will remain more loyal to you. As a result, they will come back again and again for other services that your business offers.

Mobile Friendly

All of our websites are mobile friendly as standard. No more pinching, zooming-in and following sentences word by word. No more chasing your finger and scrolling left to right. It’s all about making the website easy to navigate, enjoyable and eye-catching.

Peace of Mind

Our solution is completely white labelled. Your customers will be serviced under your own brand and ensure that your customer remain your customer.

Our Website Packages

There are two website packages available: Essential and Ultimate. All of our websites are based on WordPress and are mobile friendly.

What Our Clients Say

Printer Oxford

I have been in the printing business for over 15 years. My clients often ask where can I go to for a website, particularly ones with newly established businesses. Since working with 97websites, I no-longer have to refer my clients elsewhere. I can offer websites as one of my services without actually having any extra overheads, knowledge or staff and earn an additional monthly income as a result.

Mobile Friendly Websites

All websites built will be mobile friendly as standard. The main characteristics of a mobile site are that they are instantly readable and navigable on the smaller screen.

Great examples of these are sites like Ebay and the BBC. No more pinching, zooming-in and following sentences word by word, scrolling left to right chasing your finger trying to read something, losing your place and having to reread something again. It’s all about making websites easy to navigate, enjoyable and eye-catching so the customer will be happy to stay on the website.

Show Me The Money!

Adding website sales to your business will provide steady growth and stability.

ABC Design sell 1 website per week at £197 setup and £22 per month.

By the end of the first year ABC Design would have earned a profit of:

SET UP FEES: £5,200


TOTAL: £8,610

At this point in time ABC Design would have a monthly income of:

£520 and growing...